commingling Services

An Easier Way to Mail

Image Direct offers commingling services that guarantees a price-per-piece that will save you money. This includes postage freight and processing with no hidden fees. Commingling is a process by which mail from more than one company is combined to meet USPS discount minimums for quantity. Image Direct will commingle your Direct Mail to obtain the lowest possible postage and deliver it to the Post Office the same day.

Commingling also gets your mail to its destination more quickly by bypassing a lot of intermediate stops. Image Direct combines mail with multiple other companies, and it will go directly to the SCF closest to its ultimate destination, completely bypassing four intermediate processing facilities.

Because commingled mail is sent directly to facilities close to its ultimate destination, it gets delivered more quickly and predictably. In addition to getting delivered faster, commingling mail also saves money. Because the U.S. Postal Service reduces its postage rates commensurate with the processing steps we save them, we use commingling to stretch your direct mail dollars.

If you’d like to explore if commingling would work for your company, please call us at 301-620-9900.