Best estimates, consumers see between 300-700 marketing messages each day, including ads from the Internet. As a retailer, you not only have to find ways to make your product(s) stand out, but then also sell them, while keeping costs down. Some interesting statistics from the internet:

  • "79% of people scan the web instead of reading word by word."
  • "Professionals spend 51% of their time managing information instead of acting on it."
  • "Every 60 seconds, 700,000 Google searches are performed, 60 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, and 168 million emails are sent."
  • "90% of surveyed professionals throw away information without reading it."

One very effective strategy to avoid being lost in information overload is to engage your customers by creating new promotions and brand recognition with Direct Mail. Image Direct will brand your retail message and content with Discounts Coupons or Direct Mail that consumers are more likely to read.

Whether you are a discount store, specialty clothing, electronics, construction, office supply, pharmacy, sporting goods, grocery and more – we’ll deliver a complex, perfectly timed multichannel promotion using Direct Mail.

Digital and print media also eliminates the “middle-man” to manage costs, while using an advertising tool that puts your message into the right hands.

  • Creates store traffic and sales;
  • Tracks and places media accurately;
  • Creates purchases anytime of the day;
  • Grows your retail and online business; and
  • Delivers your brand effectively.

Image Direct Services

  • Promotes your brand with long-run advertisement inserts;
  • Engages consumers with inserts and promotions that are flexible in the planning, buying, and selection process;
  • Inspires consumer research of your brand on mobile apps;
  • Creates store shelves for browsing and shopping before making a purchase;
  • Customers are able to see advertised discounted prices and unique packaging;
  • Increases workflow; and
  • Create ways for consumers to save money on their purchases.