Mail Tracking

Image Direct is far more than your average printing and Direct Mail Company. We can produce anything that your company needs. We serve the Maryland, D.C. and Virginia area and many others. We have a proven track record of producing and delivering your mail on your time. Bring us your next campaign, your next project and you will be surprised at how fast and effectively your mail will be delivered while still saving you money.

Direct Mail tracking has several methods when setting up your next campaigns such as, making sure your contacts is on your direct mail piece-phone number, URL (website address), coupon code, etc. is unique and trackable otherwise you will have no sales or leads.

You can easily measure the response rate by call traking using calling and to do this, make sure you have a unique number for every piece of mail you mail. Another way is by having a trackable URL that will give you leads, coupon codes so that others can redeem at stores, website or over the phone and lastly, QR codes which is a code that is on your piece of mail that people can scan so that you as a company can track how many people have visited that particular website to measure the response