Non - Profit

Direct Mail for Non-Profit Organizations and Charities is a productive channel for fundraising events because they:

  • Are personal,
  • Can be passed along,
  • Are Immediate,
  • Will build a customer base,
  • Are convenient for donors, and
  • They let you identify individual hot buttons.


Direct Mail is an advantage for companies who know their Non-Profit target audience. In other words, you can send direct mail to specific demographics, such as profession, gender, age, and income.

Easy to Track

Direct mail Non-Profit advertising is also easy to track, to easily compute your rate return on investment (ROI). The company can then determine the number of sales from the mailing, subtract expenses and calculate its profit.


Direct mail provides your reader a wealth of information, sales letters, brochure inserts, and reply order forms. The sales letter usually informs the potential customers how the company's product or service will benefit them. Image Direct can print and insert hundreds of thousands mailers a day. Contact us today at 301-620-9900 or email us at

We possess comprehensive Non-Profit Organization knowledge, to address direct mail production strategies and efficiencies, innovative fund-raising Direct Mail solutions, and cost reductions. Our experienced staff will help your company improve quality, cut costs and increase profits. Work with us and we will have an experienced Direct Mail professional work for you.